Tallinn Forum Annual Conference

Tallinn Forum Annual Conference


23th February 2022

Conference Full Price Ticket – 130 €




  • 23th February 2022

    Introduction: Ross Marshall

    Keynote: Weston Fisher

    Session 1:

    When the next Plan  comes around? What has been learnt – Riki Therivel, Ainhoa Gonzales

    Session 2:

    A It’s Hot Out there: Goal conflicts and climate change – Charlotta Faith-Ell, Åsa Lind-Chong

    B Decisions and Deep Uncertainty – balance specificity and taking a helicopter view of the key issues – Maria Rosario Partidario, Ross Marshall

    Session 3:

    How does SEA at sub-national level help implement NDCs – Alan Bond, Holmfridur Bjarnadottir

    Session 4:

    Climate Change & Sustainability Taxonomies: Do no significant harm (DNSH) – is it a paradox? – Heikki Kalle, Mart Dungay, Weston Fischer, Jiri Dusik

    Tallinn Forum – Future visions – Heikki Kalle

    Concluding Remarks

    Agendas may be subject to change, refer to Conditions of ticket sales

    Price 130 Euros


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